Battlefield Cribbage

The Ultimate Evolution of Cribbage!

Game Rules

Summary of Game Play

Battlefield Cribbage can be played with 2, 3 or 4 players.  In 4-player, there can be two teams, or everyone can play on their own.

Rather than creating a cribbage hand with the cards you are dealt, you build a hand by taking cards from a draw pile or the line.  The cards are played openly for all players to see. Decisions are made based on a player’s developing cribbage hand and also the hands of their opponents.  Every decision has a consequence. Like cribbage, points are earned in pegging and the scoring of hands at the end of a round.  BFC makes pegging points more dynamic by adding double runs, triple runs and double-double runs.  BFC adds a joker to the deck, which kills any hand it is in during the scoring of the hands.

The game is played in rounds. Five cards are dealt to each player and they are placed face down in front of them.  Players begin to reveal their cards by turning face up by taking a card from a draw pile or the line where points are pegged.  Points are earned during the round as player place cards on the line.   At the end of the round hands are score the same a cribbage.

At the end of a round, whatever hand has the joker scores zero points, or ‘has been killed’.  Hence, the joker is termed as the kill card.  Any hand can be killed, including the crib.  If the joker becomes the common card all the hands are killed.  The joker can be a powerful tool or a dreaded curse depending on your strategy and position in the game.

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