Battlefield Cribbage

The Ultimate Evolution of Cribbage!

Game Objectives and Game Set-up

Object of the Game

The first player, or team, to score 121 points, or more, wins.

When the first player reaches 121 points and the other player(s) have 90 points or less then the winner has ‘skunked’ his opponents.

When the other players have 60 points or less then it is considered a ‘double-skunk’.

Number of Players 

BFC can be played with 2, 3 or 4 players. In 4-player, the players can play either as individuals or as teams. In team play, your partner is the player across from you.


All you need is a cribbage board, a standard deck of 52 cards with a joker. The cribbage board is used to keep track of scoring during each round. Two pegs are used for each player, or team, to keep score. The peg in front indicates the current score and the peg in the rear shows the score before points were earned. Whenever points are earned the rear peg leap frogs the front peg the appropriate number of points.
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Card Rank and Value

Each card is assigned a point value, shown in the table below. Please note the that BFC also uses the joker.
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Setting Up Play

Each player, or team, selects a track on the cribbage board.The deal is established by cutting the cards. Low card deals. If playing partners, the players who cut the lowest two cards are partners, and the lowest card deals. The person who cut the highest card will sit to the right of the dealer. In case of a tie, the tied players will re-cut the deck determining the order within the tie, i.e. the player(s) not involved in the tie will remain in their original position in the cut. In subsequent games, the dealer is the player who scores the winning point. Shuffle the cards and allow the player to the right to an opportunity to cut the cards. Note - this is different than cribbage because BFC uses all the cards in the deck and the cutting the deck is used to prevent a player from seeing the card on the bottom of the draw pile, which could give them an unfair advantage.Deal five cards faces down to each player. The players are not permitted to look at the cards. The players have a right to arrange the cards in any pattern the wish, but all the cards must be fully visible. The dealer then places a set number of cards face down in the crib depending on the number of players set out in the table on the right.One card is put face up in the center of the table beginning the line. Unused cards are placed next to the line becoming the draw pile. Throughout play the line will have cards put on it. The first card played is termed as the ‘beginning’ of the line, and the last card termed as the ‘end’ of the line.

Crib Cards

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Example - 3 Player Deal

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