Battlefield Cribbage

The Ultimate Evolution of Cribbage!

Battlefield Cribbage is now available on the Mac App Store

Battlefield Cribbage for Mac

Engaging play for the experienced player and an excellent way for the novice to quickly build their skills. A civil war based theme and a game AI that only has only one purpose, to beat you. You find the user interface clean and easy to use, with helpful features to capture and save your game comments.

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Go to the Mac App Store to purchase Battlefield Cribbage, simply click on the Mac App Store Icon above.

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  • The game is free to download and will allow you to play two full skirmishes per game. An in-app purchase is available to allow you to play full games in all of its glory.
  • Game types include two, three, or four man games. You can also play four man game using teams.
  • Players can be human (HU) or artificial intelligence (AI) players.
  • Games can be saved and comments can be added to the game. Check out for saved games with comments that will help you become a champion BFC player.
  • A comprehensive set of game rules is included and a strategy guide to help you sharpen your game play and make you an expert BFC player.
  • BFC also has full screen

Commented Game Examples

Download the games listed here to see examples how to the play the game. After getting BFC from the Mac App Store you can open the downloaded file and watch a game play with comments. These games will be very helpful to see the depth of the game
This game shows an example of a pegging war. Very exciting.

Game Screen Shots

Set Up Screen

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Two Player Game

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Three Player Game

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Four Player Game

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